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Holistic Wellness Coaching (Virtual)

Take back your power and live the life you love!

  • 1 hour


I welcome you to join me on a journey of exploration into the natural healing properties of your mind, body, and spirit. Whether it is a wellness concern, the achievement of a personal improvement goal, or the need to find a healthy more fulfilling life path, I would love to guide you along that path to self-empowerment. Using concepts drawn from psychology, behavior change, and yoga-mindfulness practices, our coaching sessions can empower you to overcome obstacles and maintain healthy habits for life. Wellness coaching is all about empowering YOU to be the expert in your life, to knowing the most about your body, mind & spirit so you can filter out the non-sense and find practices that work for you. These coaching sessions include personalized activities and curriculum and teachings on holistic wellness practices. Sessions can be held via ZOOM, or Facetime. Computer & internet access needed We offer a few programs of care. I always like to recommend the full 6-Month program for the most comprehensive experience (plus you get a discount and a free Holistic Wellness Kit!) *All packages include payment-plan options (text 509-701-6693 to enroll) Empower Session (1) $35: A single session. This session has a loose structure, giving you the chance to ask questions and receive one on one support from our coach. Includes 1-2 focus areas of in-depth discussion (see focuses below). Roll this session into one of our packages and save $20 Jasmine Program (1 Month 4 Sessions) $140: This is our one month introductory program. Learn the basics of the EMPOWER method how to apply it and a few holistic wellness support practices into your life. Includes 1 focus area for in-depth discussion and curriculum. Jade Program (3 Months 12 Sessions) $385 ($35 saved!): This is our extensive three month program. Learn to apply the EMPOWER method for full body, mind & spiritual wellness. This package includes a deeper dive into holistic wellness support practices & techniques. Includes 3 focus areas for in-depth discussion and curriculum. Lotus Program (6 Months 24 Sessions) $770 ($70 saved!) BONUS: Includes the free Holistic Wellness Kit $70 value) This is our complete & comprehensive 6 month program. This program includes all 6 focus areas, the EMPOWER method and curriculum to tie them all together for the most in-depth exploration into yourself (and health & wellbeing) FOCUS: Self-Fulfillment Relationships Health Career/Business Finances Purposeful Living

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