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Yoga Therapy: Chronic Low Back Pain

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

If you, like many low back pain sufferers, cannot escape the constant nagging pain in your spine, you may find that practicing Yoga on a consistent basis can help.

The low back is a target area for pain, mostly due to the consistent pressure from sitting for long periods of time. When we sit, we keep the muscles that surround the sacrum and and SI joint in a compact position. Over extended period, this can actually shorten these muscles. The shortening of these muscles limits mobility and causes tightness, pain and tingling in the low back and the surrounding joints. A tight low back can lead to hip pain, knee pain and can travel all the way down to the arches of the feet.

Yoga philosophy tells us that it is impossible to think of any part of the body in isolation. This means everything is connected! Tight low back, tight hips. Tight shoulders, chronic wrist pain. In order to create a healthier body system we must give attention to all parts of the body.

This short sequence is designed to be practiced once a day or every other day in order, to help relieve low back pain. Remember to always be kind to your body and move out of the pose if you feel any pain. It is also important that you consult and get approval from your physician before practicing any type of Yoga.


Stretched Out Savasana: 5 Deep Breaths

Benefit: Elongates spine, creates room for blood & lymph to flow

How To: Lay flat on your back, preferably on a hard surface with a mat or a blanket underneath you. Reach arms above the head and stretch out the legs. Arch your back for the deepest stretch.

Apanasana (Knees to Chest Pose): 5 Deep Breaths

Benefit: Stretches out the low back and releases tension on the SI Joint

How To: Draw both knees into your chest, and hold your thighs or shins. Squeeze the knees into the body and relax the head and neck.

Tip: Gently rock from side to side to stretch the hips

Supine Twist Right & Left Side: 10 Deep Breaths ea. side

Benefit: Detoxifies the liver, stretches the entire spine

How To: Draw the knees into the chest, then roll them over to one side. You can support them with a block or a blanket underneath. Reach arms out to a T.

Tip: Look over the opposite shoulder to take the stretch into your neck