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Yoga for Immunity

Introducing the Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is a network of tissues and organs that are composed primarily of lymph tissue and vessels, lymph nodes and lymph. It's primary function is to transport lymph, a clear fluid filled with white blood cells, throughout the body to help remove toxins and waste that the body needs to get rid of. Some examples of organs in the lymphatic system include the tonsils, thymus and spleen.

The lymphatic system is comprised of lymph vessels which are similar to the veins of the circulatory system. These vessels are connected to the lymph nodes, which drain and process the lymph that has been transported through the body. These lymph nodes are small structures that are imperative to healthy immune function. They can be located deep within the body like around the lungs and heart, and also closer to the surface in the face and under arms. Their job is to process, and store cells that fight and prevent disease.

The spleen, which is the largest organ in this system, has the job of detecting potentially harmful bacteria and virus' in the body. It helps rid the body of these toxins by filtering the blood, a lot like the kidneys.

Areas of the body that are particularly sensitive to build up of lymph include the sinuses, throat and sides of the body under the arm pits. These are all areas where the lymphatic system should drain, but for some reason has not.

Dis-ease can manifest in the body when the lymph system is not properly draining. This lack of drainage can be caused by poor exercise and diet or hormonal changes that affect the bodies ability to release this fluid. When this occurs, lymph and white blood cells fill the area and envelope the toxins and cellular waste, then stay there and cause inflammation.

This inflammation can cause soreness in the affected tissue and many other problems throughout the rest of the bodily system like and is not limited to-

chronic tiredness/ exhaustion


swollen tonsils

mucus in the throats/ reoccurring sore throats

ear popping & ringing

constipation & weight gain

bloating and heavy cramping

itchy, dry skin

Introduction to Tapping

Tapping is a common Ayurvedic practice that is performed to help drain the lymphatic system and remove toxins from the body. We can use this Ayurvedic practice of tapping to help physically drain the lymphatic system through a series of targeted vibrations and massage. There are many forms of tapping, all of which can be done in less than 5 minutes! Follow along with these videos to learn how you can use Yoga and Ayurvedic practices to improve the function of your lymphatic system and increase your immunity!

1. Lymphatic Facial Massage

2. Half Body Tapping

3. Full Body Tapping

The Lymphatic System and Yoga

Tapping is an amazing way to start or end a Yoga practice. We can increase our healing by adding in specific Yoga poses that encourage the body to drain naturally. Not only will the body feel cleansed after these poses, but also energized! Once the lymph is released from the body, prana and blood are able to flow more freely, increasing energy and overall wellbeing. Please practice safety, and remember to be kind to your body always. Feel free to reach out to us for support.

Yoga Sequence for Immunity