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Warming Up With Spring: A Yoga Flow Playlist

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

With the arrival of March, my hometown of Spokane, Washington looks hopefully towards warmer, brighter days. Occasionally we will get what I like to call third winter.. Yes, sometimes it will snow and is STILL winter in March here!

This year is looking a little bit brighter though, for us here in the Inland Northwest. We've had tepid weather, with highs reaching 50 degrees or so which is pretty unusual for February. Finally the sun is rising before 7 a.m, which for us early risers is like waking up to a whole new world.

I know I am becoming restless awaiting the arrival of Spring. I can't help but prepare

prematurely and put away my warm winter coats and boots, even though I know I may need them again. But oh well, I just can't wait for a season of sandals, sunshine and outdoor Yoga classes. In preparation for these fun outdoor events I have created and am sharing the second playlist in our series- a feel good Yoga Flow playlist that will surely warm you up and add a little Spring to your step.

All of the songs in this post can be found on Spotify. Keep in mind, these are meant to be played in order for the best flow. I hope you enjoy!

Warming Up With Spring: Yoga Flow

1. Hushed Premonition- Amabilla Stills

2. Nibelia- Algy Legacy

3. Islands i Utsyni- Elvar Arngrimsson

4.Bridges- Koresma

5. Hold On- Mac Beez

6. Chihiro- Yoste

7. Episodes- MIshegas

8. Fading- Vallis Alps

9. Star Dwellers- Dreamer's Delight

10. Inspiration Drive- DJ Taz Rashid

11. Something Familiar- Ayokay

12. Jupiter- Beauvois

13. Jets- Bonobo

14. Time- Bon Calidas

15. The Fool On The Hill- Paul Conner

16. Benevolent- Yonder Dale

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