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Restorative Yoga Playlist: Winter 2020

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

An appropriately themed Yoga playlist can enhance the warmth and feel of any class. Many students like to move with the beat of the music, or get lost in the vibrations during a restorative class. Music can help the Yogi drop out of the thinking mind, and surrender to the class.

As a Yoga teacher, it's my personal goal to create welcoming and warm atmospheres wherever I teach. In trying to do so, I've scrolled and searched through Spotify for countless hours trying to find the perfect Yoga playlist. After several attempts, I realized there wasn't one that suited my needs as a teacher and also resonated with my style and personal preference. So, I decided to create my own! Over the course of the next few months I will be releasing these playlists for you as well! All of the songs in this article can be found on Spotify. Keep in mind, these are meant to be played in order for the best flow. I hope you enjoy!

1. Opening - Essie Jain

2. Supine- Clifford Solum

3. Circadian- Alan Ellis

4. Meditations pt 1- Estado De Calma

5. Heartnotes 2.0- Steven Halpern

6. Heartnotes 2.0 432 Hz- Steven Halpern

7. Heading West- Luna Meguise

8. Afternoon Spirits- Cora Zea

9. The Light Of Day- Chymeris

10. Harmonium Song- Joseph Beg

11. Silk And Honey- Wolfgang Snow

12. Reasons For Being- Deep Watch

13. Benevolent- Yonder Dale

14. 432 Hz Healing Music- Jason Stephenson (savasana)

For more tips on how to create your OWN sequence visit-

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