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How To Manage Household Stress During The Pandemic

Written By: Emma Grace Brown

We all had to make some significant changes during the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. We were quick to adopt hygiene recommendations, travel restrictions, and self-isolation orders. While many of us have settled into this new routine, household tension is becoming a mounting problem, especially as the days grow colder and we lose access to the outdoor activities that helped us get out of the house and burn off energy.

Looking for ways to keep stress levels down and avoid household tension? Lilac Lotus Yoga offers online yoga and Pilates classes that serve as an excellent form of stress relief during the pandemic. Keep reading to learn what else you can do to keep your household stress under control.

Keep Everyone Active

Exercising is one of the best ways to banish stress quickly and keep everyone in a good mood. When you exercise, your brain is flooded with feel-good hormones that reduce pain and relieve tension. Physical activity also helps regulate cortisol, a hormone that produces the flight or fight reaction we feel when we’re stressed. You don’t need much to exercise at home, but investing in a few fitness products—like a good set of adjustable dumbbells—can help you get the most out of your workouts.

If your family can't find the motivation to exercise, consider getting a fitness tracker or smartwatch. Because fitness trackers help you monitor your progress towards your goals, they can be a great source of positive reinforcement. Plus, certain smartwatches, like the Apple Watch Series 6, can help you stay healthy and safe during exercise with features like heart rate sensors and blood oxygen monitoring.

Fuel Your Body with Nutrients

As Play Date Fitness explains, how you choose to fuel your body is essential for supporting your physical fitness routine. Improving your family's diet can go a long way toward boosting everyone's mood. Foods high in simple carbohydrates—like white bread, pasta, and sugary beverages—may be comforting while you’re eating them, but they can worsen symptoms of anxiety and depression in the long run. It’s hard not to feel irritable when you’re experiencing a sugar crash!

On the other hand, complex carbs and nutrient-packed fruits and vegetables can help you maintain a balanced mood and stable energy all day long.

Start Your Day Right

How you start your day can also have an impact on your ability to deal with frustration and control feelings of irritability. If you wake up feeling unhappy or uncomfortable, you’re bound to have a bad day—and you might just take it out on the rest of your family!

Start your morning with a good routine to set the stage for a calm and positive day. For example, drinking a warm glass of lemon water is a great way to wake up your senses and your digestive system. Before jumping into your to-do list for the day, give yourself at least 20 minutes to eat breakfast, do some yoga, or take your dog for a walk. Do something just for you!

Clean and Declutter

Incorporating healthy habits into your routine is a fantastic way to relieve stress and avoid tension in your household, but it’s not all you can do. Keeping your home clean and clutter-free will benefit everyone under your roof! According to Verywell Mind, a cluttered home can create constant stress that chips away at your energy throughout the day, even if you’re not consciously aware of it.

Get rid of clutter and aim for a décor style that feels soothing and positive. Many people enjoy the sense of peace that comes with minimalism, but you don’t have to get rid of all your stuff to enjoy the benefits. Pare back some of your belongings and adopt new organization systems to keep clutter under control

It’s normal to experience tension during periods of upheaval like the current coronavirus pandemic. Don’t let this crisis strain your relationships! Keeping your household happy and healthy will help you weather the pandemic together. Book a class with Lilac Lotus Yoga today to keep stress under control and your body healthy. Call 509-701-6693.