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How To Stay Balanced this Holiday Season

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

The Four Energetic Bodies

The holidays can be a wonderful and exciting time for some, and a stressful time for others. No matter which way you lean, the season is sure to effect the way you feel (aka your energetic bodies!)

The for energetic bodies are-





To help you keep balanced this year, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks to keep you steady in your “Tree Pose” when all you can think about is your in-laws coming into town!

The Physical Body

The Physical Body when looked at through the Panchamaya Kosha System encompasses all of the other energetic bodies. Which means that commonly, we will feel the affects of our energetic drainage manifest in this body first.

You can take care of yourself this holiday season by nourishing the needs of your physical body. We can do this through the fitness process of “Release and Reward”. You can release any built up energy or energetic blockages in the body through physical exercise or Yoga Asana practice.

Remember, it’s incredibly important that we make time for our favorite activities in our busy holiday schedules! This will ensure we maintain balance both before and after the holiday season. Besides, we want to eat all of the holiday goodies right??

After physical exercise, we should rest and reward the body for all of the hard work it did for us during our activity. This can mean treating yourself to your favorite go-to relaxation pastime, whether that be a bubble bath, cuddling up with a good book or your favorite holiday treat.

The Mental Body

The Mental Body when looked at through the Panchamaya Kosha System encompasses all that is our mental awareness, both conscious and unconscious.

Mental imbalance may feel like- frustration, anxiety, hurriedness and an overall sense of disconnection to the senses.

We can soothe and balance our mental body through the practice of meditation. Meditation allows the mental body to slow down, and release the conscious grip of awareness that is persistent throughout our waking hours. Here is a great beginners meditation routine to get you started!

Candle Gazing

Sit comfortably on the floor or in a chair in a room that's dimly lit

Light your favorite candle (which when lit you can see the flame)

With a relaxed body, concentrate on the flame for a few minutes (try to estimate this time without checking your device or setting a timer)

Continue to breathe and you keep all of your awareness, energy and attention on the flame

Once your estimated time is up, rub the palms