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How To Become A Better You Everyday

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

With the New Year approaching, I thought we could all use some ideas on how to better ourselves in a healthy way for 2020. Thank you for reading! Be sure to contact us for your free wellness-coaching consultation if you would like a more personalized program.

1. Become more observant. Notice everything, act as if you are a sponge absorbing everything around you, then filtering out what doesn't serve your purpose.

2. Write down and collect all of your ideas. Thoughts and ideas tend to evaporate from our minds as fast as they come. Try to capture them so they are actually of use to you.

3. Read. Read a lot and read everyday. And if not read, then learn. Learn a lot and learn everyday. Knowledge is power and reading helps develop valuable communication skills.

4. Analyze your day and start planning your weeks. Making a list of tasks in order of most importance will help you stay on track with your goals. Analyzing your day before going to bed will allow you to reward yourself for all that you accomplished, and adjust your plan for tomorrow to include anything you couldn't get to today.